Meet Aaron Barth Ph.D. from Dialectic

A captivating speaker can take your event from average to extraordinary. But finding the right one isn’t always easy. The best introduce real-world, useful lessons in a format that invites attendees to contend with new ideas in real time. Attendees leave feeling energized, with a new skill or perspective they can apply right away.

Enter Aaron Barth Ph.D, the Founder of Dialectic.

Aaron designs a unique experience for every event, carefully tailoring his session to your theme and your audience. How? His science-driven approach focuses on activating the audience’s critical thinking skills. He encourages audience members to practice applying these skills to a topic through carefully constructed, thought-provoking activities.

At your conference, Aaron can help business leaders and managers use science to improve their organizations, including topics such as employee learning, organizational change, and customer engagement. Aaron will draw from his experience to connect authentically with audiences from the full spectrum of sectors and industries using language and scenarios that genuinely resonate. By distilling the inherent complexity of these topics down to a few core concepts, Aaron will help participants ground the ideas in their own lived experience. In a sense, this means that every person will leave with a preview of how they can apply Aaron’s lessons to the work they do every day.

A scientifically-backed experience that changes the way you think.

Keith Palmer

Dufferin County

Aaron gave us a host of new tools that we use everyday.

Susanne Wiles

Investors Group

The collective ‘aha’ – that moment when a whole audience grasps a new concept simultaneously – is what energizes Aaron. It’s why he started his career in teaching, and it’s what led him to the world of professional behaviour change in the first place.

Today, Aaron Barth is a strategic learning expert, an innovator in the field of instructional design, and a thought leader in applying scientific methods and data in the workplace.



Unconscious Bias

Fast and slow thinking
How to use fast (intuitive) and slow (rational) thinking to overcome unconscious bias, make better decisions, and empower all employees for high performing teams.

Unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion
Learn what unconscious bias is, how it can sabotage diversity and inclusion policies and programs, and how to overcome those challenges.

Operationalizing your diversity and inclusion strategy
How to create a workplace environment that continually ‘nudges’ positive diversity and inclusion practices for sustained behaviour change.


Three minutes or less: how bite-sized learning pays off
Aaron explains the value of microlearning – using tools like smartphones and social media – for meaningful engagement and learning that sticks.

Hook, pitch, teach: marketing insights for learning success
How to use marketing tactics for immersive education that promotes learner sharing, collaboration and community.

Game of Learning
Why “gamification” doesn’t work and how to create game-based learning that does.

Is your e-learning program a waste of time?
Most e-learning fails to deliver. Aaron explains why and how to create programs that actually work.

Organizational Change

Motivated employees: It starts from the inside out
Applying the science of motivation to improve employee engagement for a more productive workplace.

Corporate coaching myths vs science
How to create a corporate coaching program for the employee performance and workplace culture you want.

Should you ditch performance rankings?
Aaron explains why traditional forced ranking systems are under fire, and how to choose the best performance management approach for your company.

The evidence-based HR professional
Science-based methods and best practices every HR professional can use for organizational excellence.

Diversity and the science of implicit bias.
The brain science underpinning implicit bias, and how to improve diversity despite it.

Customer Experiences

Edumarketing: How brands add value as educators
Aaron presents case studies on how edumarketing can help customers learn new skills and solve real world problems.

Connecting with customers
Creating customer experiences for the behaviour change you want.

Reimagining content marketing for sales professionals
Novel ways your outside salesforce can use content marketing to win customers.

Past Speaking Engagements

Mazda Global HR Summit

Beat Your Bias and Build
Better Teams Workshop

Explode Conference

Schulich School of Business
Digital Marketing Conference

Behavioural Insights
in Canada Conference

Ontario Bar Association
Annual Conference

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