Aaron Barth, Ph.D.


Aaron Barth is an innovator working at the convergence of science, smart design and technology to change behaviour and transform organizations.

His deep expertise in critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving is grounded by a PhD in Philosophy from Western University. Inspired by the need for transformational, evidence-based solutions to business challenges, he left a burgeoning career in academia to launch Dialectic in 2010.

As president of Dialectic, Aaron leads a team of researchers, designers and multimedia developers who create immersive e-learning, organizational change and customer engagement experiences for clients including Royal Canin, Mazda Canada, The Canadian Armed Forces, The Cooperators, Ontario Power Generation, the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Human Rights Campaign.

This work is informed by a proprietary design methodology, Illuminate to Elevate (I2E), a four-step evidence-based design path that reveals core challenges and draws on expertise in behavioural science, psychology, education and creative media arts for high-impact solutions.

Aaron continues his passion for teaching as he shares his insights as a speaker on topics such as unconscious bias in the workplace, and the power of science, design thinking, and technology to help accelerate employee learning, transform organizations and support employee and customer engagement.