Client Success

Improving critical thinking skills for better care solutions

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)
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Applying the science of design to public education

The Human Rights Campaign
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Edumarketing: E-learning that Builds Brands

Royal Canin

An integrated mobile e-learning and marketing strategy to grow market share and build brand loyalty

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Empowering Employees


A full-scale program to transform work culture, boost engagement and drive continuous improvement

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Pressure Cooker

Dufferin County

A crisis simulation to help first responders think better under pressure.

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Soaring Sales

Investors Group

Engaging evidence-based tactics to improve sales performance

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Powering Diversity

Ontario Power Generation

Strengthening workplace diversity through the creative operationalization of a strategic plan

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Creating Collaboration

St. Joseph's Health Centre

A targeted eLearning solution to optimize collaborative care and patient safety

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Cultivating Culture


Establishing a decision-making framework to drive an ethical culture and better patient care

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Viral Video

Research Institute for Aging

Mobilizing research data to improve nutrition for Canadians in long-term care facilities

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Strengthening Service

IT Weapons

Building a product-launch app to empower clients and reduce IT helpdesk traffic

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Levelled-Up Lawyers

Osgoode Professional Development

Sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills in legal professionals around the world

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Super-Charged Sales

Royal Canin

Reinventing the way sales reps use materials to solve customer problems – and sell more!

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Making Mindfulness

Conestoga College

A multifaceted solution to enrich the learning experience for students on the Autism spectrum

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