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We craft experiences with profound impact

Today’s rapid pace, marked by information overload, constant change and the pressure to do more with less, puts unique stresses and demands on organizations and makes it harder than ever to connect in meaningful ways with employees and customers.

Dialectic creates immersive e-learning, organizational change and customer engagement experiences – powered by science and smart multimedia design – to solve business problems and elevate performance. We work closely with you to illuminate your core challenges and design an ideal solution, based on our expertise in behavioural science, psychology, education and creative media arts, so you can work smarter and achieve more every day.

Our I2ETM methodology is a four-step evidence-based design path that draws on the psychology of learning to identify pain points and create solutions that change thinking and behaviour for the results you want.

We help top companies, public sector organizations and not-for-profit associations achieve their goals, from knowledge transfer and skills development to branded educational marketing campaigns.

We specialize in creating fully branded e-learning ecosystems and supporting multimedia assets, including:

    • E-learning modules
    • web-based learning (webinars, wikis, blogs)
    • instructional videos
    • job-aids for performance support
    • just-in-time learning (downloadable guides & reference materials)
    • online forums
    • extended learning tools and systems for training reinforcement
  • in-person training, workshops and facilitation.

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